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muay thai gifts
muay thai gift ideas

Diehard fans are ready to do very unorthodox things to show respect towards their favorite martial art. Some fans are going to tattoo their favorite fighter, others will visit the country of origin, while the third group pushes the merchandise to a whole new level, buying various items for the collection.

Thai boxing fans usually don’t waste thousands of dollars for one item, but they are willing to combine between three options above. There are many lovely Muay Thai gift ideas, and I will get to know you with the most often ones.

Muay Thai Gift Ideas – Respect Lifetime Addiction

Let me guess the question. Why on Earth did you write this headline? Well, diehard fans are trying to live Muay Thai, to put it into every aspect of their lives.

When they wake up, the first thing that comes to their mind is Thai boxing. Before they go to sleep, their brain is flooded with Muay Thai related topics. During the day, they will probably relax and reduce their level of stress when they start thinking or discussing ancient Siamese martial art.

There are many different types of people in the world. Respect them and they will respect you (just a tip)!


This is one of the most popular Muay Thai gift ideas, especially when a diehard fan lives outside of Thailand. If you know somebody who visits competitions regularly, you can ask him to do you a favor and purchase a few posters.

The collection of Muay Thai posters will create a whole new world in the head of your friend. He might be shocked or surprised, but in the end, you’ll end up with a huge level of respect. Even when your compatriot is too tired to train, the lovely artistic drawings on the walls will ignite the flame in his heart and motivate him to continue.


The world has changed, you can find excellent stuff on the internet nowadays. Ten, twenty years ago you had to go to the video club and rent a movie, but today you pay for Netflix and watch everything you want. But it is one of the most respectful Muay Thai gift ideas for sure.

I’ve seen many inspirational Muay Thai movies, but let me ask you a question – which is your favorite type of movie?

My favorite choices are The Muay Thai Warrior, Van Damme’s Kickboxer from 1989, and Broken Sword Hero (first lead role for Buakaw Banchamek, I bet you’ll like Muay Boran fighting scenes).

Yet, if you’d like to enjoy watching Muay Thai against other martial arts, Van Damme’s Bloodsport sounds like a world-class pick for you. You’ll enjoy head-to-head combats of Muay Thai versus other martial arts and artists. You’ll see the demonstration of the powerful Thai boxing shin in many combats.

You can purchase a DVD and give it to a diehard fan to increase the level of respect. For me, rule number one with diehard Thai boxing fans is to make everything personal because their world is mostly based on respect. Don’t forget, Muay Thai is a very rare movie topic, compared to Kung fu, for example.


I know, people don’t read books too much today, because you can find whatever you want on the internet. But I could say it’s one of the top five Muay Thai gifts for your friend’s birthday.

As a western-based Muay Thai fan, I’d recommend “Muay Thai: Peace, At Last” because it speaks about the travel to Thailand and preparations for the upcoming battle. If you have never been to Thailand, you might like tips about culture and training sessions.

Trip To Thailand With Visits To Training Dojos

This is undoubtedly one of the most expensive Muay Thai gift ideas. But look on the bright side. You’ll make somebody’s life better.

If a diehard fan loves to train, he’ll be thrilled and it will lead to the greatest level of epinephrine in his body ever! I’d bet my house on it!

Muay Thai Phuket gyms are one of the most popular destinations for visitors, but it costs a lot. Yet, any other city in Thailand offers a lot of lovely dojos. Great benefit – it’s an opportunity to get to know the culture and training secrets.

One Night In Bangkok


Before Co-Vid 19, this would be my favorite gift to Thai boxing fans, because this makes a bond between culture and martial art. Unfortunately, bars and disco clubs are closed in the majority of states right now, so I will have to modify the headline to “visiting Bangkok”.

You can meet many interesting people and get to know their way of thinking. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. The weather is usually very hot, you can spend a whole day on the beach.

There are two options – rent a house or book a hotel. House will save your money but this opportunity happens once in a lifetime, so try booking a hotel a few months earlier, it will reduce the price for sure.

Training Equipment

Every diehard addict likes to feed his addiction. Let him look great during endless hours in the gym and dojo.

Muay Thai Journal

Alright, you’re probably thinking “What? When did a journal ever become a piece of training equipment?” Well, I know a journal may not seem like the most obvious choice for a Muay Thai enthusiast, but hear me out. Wouldn’t it be great to have something to track your progress as you train? Something that would show you just how much you’ve improved over time?

Tracking your progress and seeing results is essential for any fitness journey, and Muay Thai Journal is the perfect tool to do just that. It’s designed to help people achieve their fitness goals, and it’s the perfect tool for Muay Thai fans most particularly practitioners looking to track their performance and progress.

With 110 pages of daily progress tracking, your friend can stay on top of his game and have fun while getting in the best shape of his life! Whether he’s just a beginner or a seasoned pro, Muay Thai Journal is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their fitness and health. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Muay Thai fan, don’t forget the power of a journal!

Pair Of Gloves And Hand Wraps

Good results demand dedication and injury-free training sessions. Hurting knuckles is easy, so a good pair of gloves and hand wraps could be the best way to let someone train without injuries.

If you’re looking to help your friend in a training session, buy at least 12 oz gloves, because it maximizes the level of knuckle protection. Even one-punch knockout artists will be happy with this choice. Clinch gloves will let your teammate/friend work on the technical aspect of the game.

Muay Thai Clothes

Diehard Muay Thai fans are usually thrilled with hoodies, panties, shirts, tank tops, sweaters, and other types of clothing with the logo/symbol of the ancient Siamese martial art.

Muay Thai Shorts

A training addict needs at least two or three pairs of Muay Thai shorts to push his performance to the next level. Many fighters keep one pair only for the competition.

If you’d like a real surprise for your friend, visit a tailor and pay for custom-made pair of Muay Thai shorts (choose an entertaining design, please). You’ll know that the present was outstanding when you see your compatriot wearing the shorts he got from you in the competition.


Well, this could be one of the most creative Muay Thai gift ideas. Mongkol is a part of the ancient tradition, so your friend will love it for sure. If he competes, the spirits of his ancestors will be with him. What an honor!


Another part of the ancient Muay Thai tradition and a tremendous sign of respect. I’d be thrilled with this kind of gift, what about you?

Paying Gym Membership / Private Lessons

If you ask me, this is one of the top-notch Muay Thai gift ideas for a diehard fan. You’ll let your friend enjoy the famous names from the Thai boxing scene and learn the secrets of ancient Siamese martial art. His sparring/striking skills will improve after a few private classes.

A training addict will talk to his friends and tell them that you enabled him to train with his favorite fighter or at his favorite dojo. It’s a fabulous way to make somebody’s life better. It’s a practical gift guys!

Ticket To Muay Thai Event

When the coronavirus pandemic ends, I recommend you do this ASAP. Diehard Muay Thai lovers haven’t watched events for a very long time, let them enjoy them for at least 2-3 hours!

If you live in Thailand, a ticket to Lumpinee stadium will rock your budget but give you the greatest level of satisfaction. Other popular promotions are Friday Night Fights (USA), Yokkao (Europe/Worldwide), Thai Fight (Worldwide), Lion Fight Promotions (USA), and Glory (Worldwide)… There will be good events in the future, no matter where you live!

Massage With Muay Thai Oil

It is easy to pay for this in Thailand, but people who live in western countries must improvise. I advise you to buy Muay Thai oil online. When the present arrives, find a local massage center and pay them a bit more money. I bet 90% of massage saloons will like your idea if you offer more money.

This is an excellent way to let your friend feel the spirit of Thailand in the different parts of the world.


I tried to be as creative as possible in picking Muay Thai gift ideas. There are many ways to impress Thai boxing fans.

Pick the item carefully. Let me ask you a few questions. Does your friend need training equipment? Is he a diehard Muay Thai addict? Did he plan to work on his punches/elbows/kicks/clinch game? Are you trying to impress an old-school person who hates the internet and prefers reading and DVDs? Write your answers on a piece of paper and you’ll choose the perfect gift easily!

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