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Best Muay Thai Shorts For Beginners

muay thai shorts

Like any other combat sport, certain clothing types are used during training or competition to perform efficiently. However, in Muay Thai, these shorts are not just any clothing item but also signify a part of the tradition.

Best Muay Thai Shorts For Beginners 2021 Review

Since you know that Muay Thai is a traditional sport, you will need this not only for formalities but also for improving movement, which is a two-sided attribute. So, as a beginner who just signed up for Muay Thai, there are many things you need to know about them as part of the tradition and as a part of the essential gear.

These shorts for Muay Thai are what differentiate you from other combat sports fighters. All the others have their various shorts, but Muay Thai stands out. And throughout time, the designs and patterns of these shorts keep evolving into something more fashionable and vibrant.

There are also a lot of cases where these shorts have been used as pieces of fashion items. Let me take you through a journey of the best Muay Thai shorts you can get as a beginner. This post will educate you on how to get the best and nothing less! Let’s hop into that!

What Makes Shorts For Muay Thai Different?

While shorts made for other combat sports may have some similarities, that of the Muay Thai shorts are quite different. These numbers of differences will mean that they will need to be designed in that exact manner to be fit for use in Muay Thai. They will need to be patterned to ease grappling, flexibility, and other techniques of the sports. Yeah, you should know that the sport has its complexities.

In Muay Thai, there are undefined transitions from one technique to another. From striking to punching or kicking, the fighter needs to move without restraints to keep up with the pace. Having a restriction on clothing will put the fighter at risk of losing or getting injured.

As a result of this, Muay Thai shorts are always lightweight and feel very natural. This is why the traditional way is to go with a pair of shorts. As Gis and trousers used in other martial sports aren’t ideal, minimal clothing is a better idea.

Do You Need to Wear These Shorts to Train in Muay Thai?

To be sincere, I’m not doing to give a biased answer because I’m writing a post about it. The clear answer is NO, at least not all the time. Why do I say so? Here;

You don’t always need to wear shorts for Muay Thai all the time. Not in all cases. In a case where you are training in a casual environment, you aren’t obligated to wear one. Just as long as what you are using to train is suitable and comfortable enough, you are good to go. Nobody will mind you in such a situation as it isn’t a competition or a strict ground. Well, here comes the BUT!

But in strict training gyms where the Thai culture is highly respected, you are obligated to wear one. There, it can be seen as disrespectful for a fighter to train without wearing the proper and traditional equipment in a dedicated Thai boxing gym. Amazing right? I know it seems like a unique thing, but that’s the truth.

Also, there are individual stories about trainees in unique gyms to attain a certain level of the sport ranking before wearing Muay Thai shorts. This means that a beginner like you cannot wear one. This decision is solely dependent on the gym owner and its regulations. However, it is a practice frowned upon by the majority of Muay Thai practitioners. It seems like an outrageous act as the clothing item is for functionality and not an item for ranking systems.

So, the general answer is that it all depends on how the fighter finds himself. And remember, whenever you’re met with such rules, don’t hesitate to follow them.

What Are The Two Significant Cuts in Muay Thai Shorts?

Muay Thai shorts can come in about five different designs and styles. But, there are just two significant cuts that are popularly recognized in recent times. They are the traditional/standard cut and the retro style cut. Let’s take a look at them.

Traditional or Standard Cuts

Traditional cuts are patterned to be very spacious in the leg area and slightly longer than the regular modern shorts. This look makes them baggier and wider to aid flexibility. These are the traditional Muay Thai shorts that are designed to be very spacious in the thigh. The length is very comfortable for women to wear. They also come with an inscription in Thailand scripts translated to ‘Muay Thai.’

They come in many colors and sizes. If you prefer the baggy style or wide-leg fashion, you will find this cut ideal. You can choose this style for hefty and heavyweight fighters with large legs as there is enough space to accommodate your leg.

Also, fighters have become accustomed to rolling their shorts’ waistbands to increase the wide legs of the shorts. This makes it even more spacious but shorter. Hence, flexibility is also increased, but the length is shorter.

Retro Style

This is designed to be a bit shorter than the traditional cut. It appears in a square cut pattern, which makes it wider at the sides to enable flexibility. This is a bit more on the aesthetic side than the traditional one, making it more popular among modern fighters.

There is a recent trend of using a different material than that used on the material’s body to create a new design. That feature is basically for style and fashion. This makes them more prevalently used among women than men.

They come in various colors and fabric designs, and many brands prefer to adopt this style for their Muay Thai shorts.

Things to Consider When Buying Shorts for Muay Thai

Before I recommend any of the Muay Thai shorts, I need you to chew these over. You will need to take a close look at the products and evaluate them based on the factors listed below;


The sizing of the shorts is the most important to consider. But yeah, finding a perfect size in Muay Thai shorts is a bit difficult. Not only do they come in Thai sizes, but they are made to be short in length. This makes getting a perfect size very difficult. You need to get the one that doesn’t restrict movement. That means getting a comfortable size as there is no such thing as the perfect size.

Simultaneously, you need to ensure that the waistband isn’t too loose, so it doesn’t fall off as you train. Readjusting them during use can interrupt you.


What type of material is considered the best for Muay Thai shorts? What type should you even look for? Well, the most used fabric is satin. It is regarded as one of the best as it is the most durable material. Not only is it durable, but it is also very light and comfortable. And those are the three key things to look out for in a fabric.

The other materials used in making shorts are cotton, nylon, or polyester. These are also suitable materials, but they have their flaws. They absorb materials too quickly and become very sticky, which is very uncomfortable.

Nylon isn’t the most suitable, but it is very affordable. That is why most fighters prefer this fabric even though it isn’t the best option. So, the choice is yours to make.

Design And Style

I already mentioned two of the significant cuts for Muay Thai shorts. They are retro and traditional cuts. The design of the shorts you should buy will be affected by your body size and also climatic conditions. Training in Thailand is a lot strenuous due to the hot climate. Therefore, you will need a design suitable for the weather. Shorter lengths are more suitable for hot climates as they will allow free airflow.

For your body size, hefty fighters should go for the traditional cut style as they are wider at the leg region to accommodate their size. Choose the perfect style that suits your body size.

The Best Shorts for Muay Thai Beginners Reviews

It’s a good deal to give you all the details about choosing Muay Thai shorts, but it’s another thing to provide you with a recommendation. If choosing one on your own is difficult despite my little guidance, you can turn to this review and choose the one that catches your attention. I promise they are all worth it.

1. Top King Shorts

Top King shorts are unique products and have incredible feedback from many customers. The brand itself is very famous in Thailand, and they are known to be very good with their gear. Their Muay Thai shorts shouldn’t be an exception. The shorts are top quality and come in stunning designs. This is a fashion statement on its own.

Many fighters in Thailand are spotted wearing a pair of these. However, because they come in many sizes, you will need to be very careful in choosing your size. They also come in different colors and over 20 designs and pattern combinations, which is fantastic. They are suitable for beginners.

What I Like
  • The elastic bands are high grade and neatly made. This keeps them snugly and in place.
  • They are made from very durable quality materials.
  • Beautiful styles to choose from.
  • A reliable brand makes them.
What I Don’t Like
  • The sizing isn’t very reliable and accurate.

2. Twins Special Shorts

Oh yeah! I have always been a massive fan of the Twins Special brand. I love all their gear, and their shorts are no different. Like the Top King, they come in over 15 different designs and patterns that are very amazing.

Their designs are unique and can turn heads. I particularly love the way they blend the traditional style to create something more modern and attractive. That’s a no-brainer. The material used is relatively incredible and durable. So there’s no problem on that end. But, I also have the same issue I had with the Top king. Finding an accurate size needs extra precaution.

What I Like
  • Different combination of designs which provides you with many options.
  • The color combination isn’t picky and awkward.
  • The elastic waistband fits snugly to the waist to support the Muay Thai shorts.
What I Don’t Like
  • Sizing isn’t accurate and reliable. Getting the perfect size for fighters with large bottom is a load of work.

3. Anthem Athletics Infinity Shorts

These are more of the modern style Muay Thai shorts evolving just now. They are very different from regular shorts but are very acceptable for Muay Thai training.

They also have an elegant outward appearance, which draws the attention of buyers. Their unique cuts far from the normal are what draw me in more and more. This cut style allows for excellent flexibility and mobility.

Another plus to this product is that they come in American standard sizes (not Thailand), making it easier to find the ideal fit. But this advantage is only beneficial to those who use that standard and not those from Thailand.

What I Like
  • They are made with high-grade stitching and sewing.
  • The material is very durable.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
What I Don’t Like
  • The leg area is a little too large and puffy at the sides.


As we discussed so much about the best Muay Thai shorts, I hope it proves very helpful from what to look out for in the reviews. You need to choose the best as the right one to improve the flexibility you train and a lot more.

I hope you get the best out of this review. And dear beginners, I wish you a flourishing experience in Muay Thai. Thanks!

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