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When you begin to train Muay Thai for the first time, you will do the obvious: purchase the essential gear and equipment. Is that right? That would include a pair of gloves and hand wraps, and of course, the shin guard. But that would be if you know what is tagged as ‘essential gear’ in Muay Thai. If you don’t, you’re not off, as I’m going to be of great help today.

Don't Buy Muay Thai Shin Guards Until You Read This

The shin guards are a form of protective wear that keeps you and your partner safe as you spar. Even if you don’t plan to spar, they are still needed for a series of training drills. Gotcha!

I know many of you are reading this post are beginners who want to buy new gear for your Muay Thai training, so I’ll keep it as basic as I can. A good pair of Muay Thai shin guards are just part of the essential gear, and here is all you need to know about it. But we’ll get to know a few things about them. Okay?

I will also include my top pick, which you can readily buy in the market.

In a hurry?

If you don’t have much time check the table below to quickly find the best Muay Thai shin guards for you on Amazon. You can be assured I only choose the best products…

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Why Do You Need a Shin Guard for Muay Thai?

Yeah, I know this isn’t exactly a question that requires a lot of explanation, but who knows, some people might not see the importance of Muay Thai shin guards. So here it comes!

A shin guard is used as a form of protective gear for the shins. Obvious, right? I know it is. When you’re just a starter in training Muay Thai or a beginner who hasn’t done much of the training before, it is most likely that you will have unconditioned shins.

You will need to wear a pair of thick shin guards to protect your shins from constant injuries common among beginners.

There have been many controversial statements about how degrading it is to use thick Muay Thai shin guards. Well, it isn’t. It would help if you had the shin guards for sparing. Leave the shin conditioning for the heavy bag training sessions. That’s a piece of better advice.

Also, it would be best if you avoided the soccer shin guards. Forget all those silly suggestions. Never use a soccer shin guard as they aren’t made of the same material as that of Muay Thai.

How Do You Choose the Best Muay Thai Shin Guards?

Speculation upon speculations! NO-NO-NO! It would help if you didn’t do that. Don’t do the guessing when buying a shin guard, especially one for Muay Thai. You need to know the basics about buying one. You also need to understand how to compare a good one to an inferior one. That’s an excellent way to make the right choice for durability.

So, before I move briefly into the recommendations, I will introduce you to a better idea of how to find the best Muay Thai shin guards for your specific training sessions.

The Material

This gets interesting and a bit complicated at this point. When you step into the market to get the shin guards, you will be met with a wide range of options to choose from. And, these options will be made of various materials.

Some will be made from genuine leather and the others, synthetic leather. The leather is, of course, more durable than synthetic leather. However, the synthetic one is less expensive, so it is more popular.

They also offer the unique advantage of having the anti-odor feature, which is a high-tech development rarely found in those made of real leather. However, always make sure you clean your shin guards after training!

Also, there is a new type of shin guard called the ‘sock sleeve‘ shin guard. It has become more popular due to it being inexpensive. I wouldn’t recommend getting it as it isn’t a very durable option compared to those made from leather or synthetic leather.

Quality and Price

Pro tip from me; never go for Muay Thai shin guards that cost so little. You won’t like the outcome. No kidding, like many other products in the market whose quality is somewhat equivalent to the price, the same applies to the shin guards.

There are many problems associated with cheap shin guards. They are either loose-fitting or don’t provide the necessary protection. Trust me; you don’t want to risk it. Cost-effectiveness should be your priority.

It is better to spend that valuable money once in a long time than regularly spend on seemingly ‘cheap’ shin guards. A pair of shin guards bought with valuable funds should do the magic!

Size and Fit

I introduced this earlier. The protection offered by Muay Thai shin guards is a direct variation with the weight and bulk. That means if you want a shin guard with the best protection coverage, you need to go for the thicker and heavier option. But that doesn’t seem like the perfect option.

The best option is to find one that creates a balance between size, comfort, and protection. A wrong compromise can hinder the ability and freedom to move as you want. Get the perfect fit.

Muay Thai shin guards come in different sizes. You can find the small, medium, and large. So choose one that fits you.

Size LabelShin Length (IN)Shin Length (CM)
Shin Guards Size Chart

The Best Shin Guards for Muay Thai

So, here is my simple recommendation for the best Muay Thai shin guards available in the market. I have made this based on quality research and review to assure you that it is the best.

1. Fairtex Competition Shin Guards

One of the best we have in the market remains the Fairtex shin guard. Of course, Fairtex is a significant brand that deals in Muay Thai equipment, known for premium products. The shin guard is no different.

These shin guards are very durable and lightweight. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, you couldn’t go wrong with them. So, get it if you can.

2. Venum Challenger Shin Guards

Let me confess, this is the right product, but I am not a super huge fan of its brand. I think they mostly focus on fashion at the cost of quality, which isn’t so ideal. However, they seemed to prove me wrong with the shin guards. It is the right combination of fashion and quality. That’s so amazing!

These shin guards are very comfortable and protective. You can try them out for yourself. I believe they are one of the best for Muay Thai.

3. Sanabul Essential Shin Guards

I love this because it is a versatile one. It can be used for other sports apart from Muay Thai, which is very unlikely. They are best at fitting as they include features that prevent you from continually adjusting them as you train. With the neoprene design, fit and comfort are assured.

They are a good option, except that they aren’t as durable as the others on this list in terms of usage in hard training. But, you could get them if you like the other features. They are worth it. You will only need to use them for less tedious sessions.

It’s a Wrap!

I know getting a new pair of Muay Thai shin guards won’t be easy for you as a beginner. However, I hope this simple guide will help you as you try to get the best.

You could get any of these on my list and leave a review. Trust me; they are sure to be of good value to you. Thanks for staying with me! Good luck with getting the best purchase!

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