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Types of Hand Wraps for Muay Thai (Complete Guide)

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Types of Hand Wraps for Muay Thai

“Why can’t I seem to ever get a good hand wrap for Muay Thai?” “Are there even good hand wraps still available?” “I’m so stressed out, and I don’t know what type of hand wrap to get?” These are some questions and statements most Muay Thai fighters have asked and made. Well, take a chill pill and read on!

In this post, I will give a thorough guide (scratching in and out) on the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai. I will answer some of these questions and shed more light on the importance of hand wraps. So, flow with me!

Let’s quickly take a look at what a hand wrap is and do we need them.

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Last update on 2024-05-24

What is a Muay Thai Hand wrap?

A Muay Thai hand wrap, just as the name implies, is a piece of cloth worn underneath the hand gloves to provide extra protection for the hands. The easy peasy answer, right?

To add to that, I’ll give a quick point to note. The hand wrap for Muay Thai is the most essential part of the Muay Thai gear (besides the hand or boxing gloves). They must never be ignored. Here’s why!

Why do I need a Hand Wrap for Muay Thai?

I think the answer to this is quite self-explanatory and straightforward. But, as lovely as I can be, I will break it down for you into smaller subsections for better understanding.

You need a hand wrap for Muay Thai for;


These lovely wraps will help keep your hands safe from danger. How? In the aspect of shock absorption. Without them, you might have issues with cracking and breaking knuckles.

They help keep the fingers safe and distribute shock received from punching and blocking evenly throughout the hand. This way, there is a lesser risk of bone injuries.

Stronger Grip

For a firmer and healthier grip, you’ll need the hand wraps. When your hand is tucked in the gloves, the wraps will help keep your hands in a fist, which will provide a firm grip.

You can test this for yourself by using a wrap and then taking it off. The difference should be clear.

Sturdy Wrists

You don’t want your wrist wobbling when you throw a punch. When you use hand wraps for Muay Thai combat, they will help keep your wrist in an appropriate position and prevent them from bending.

This will avoid wrist (carpal) injuries that may occur as a result of strong contact force.


In boxing gloves, your hands are meant to be compressed in the gloves. This is to prevent sudden movements that might interrupt you during your fight. These wraps help you out with this.


Lastly, the hand wraps for Muay Thai will help restrict the thumb. It will prevent the thumb from slipping out of a fist and aligning the arm with the hand. To avoid ligament and muscle injuries, this must be done.

So, those are the significant reasons why a hand wrap is necessary for every Muay Thai fighter.

So, let’s go on to the significant info I am meant to share with you in this post. That is the type of hand wrap for Muay Thai. These types are not too difficult to remember or recognize. Let’s take a closer look.

What are the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai?

There are different types of hand wraps for Muay Thai from which you can choose. All those sorts have different properties and values they offer, so let’s take a look at some of these. I will also include their boons and banes.

You might have come across some of these when watching boxing combat sports. Well, they can also be used for Muay Thai combat. Here;

Cotton Wraps

Cotton wraps (otherwise known as cloth wrap) are the most popular types of hand wraps for Muay Thai. This is regarded as the standard type used. Why are they so popular? Well, they are because they offer a better advantage in versatility.

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They are easy to wrap around the hands and they have a wide range of techniques on how you can roll them. Another major reason why they are popular is that they provided extra security and protection for your wrists for a better and stronger grip. Here are the pros and cons;

  • they are relatively inexpensive to purchase
  • they come in a variety of colors
  • easy to find and purchase as many brands sell them
  • they come in different sizes and lengths
  • they can easily be wrapped around the wrists and any other place you need extra protection
  • they are very versatile and have better options in the techniques of wrapping
  • they are easy to wrap
  • have to keep trying on and on to find the wrapping techniques that work for you

The Inner Gloves Wrap

This is the quickest of the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai to put on. They are the best for easy-to-wear options. However, they are not as popularly used by Muay Thai fighters as it does not give the advantage of adding extra protection and padding to specific areas.

Last update on 2024-05-24

I would consider them the least hand wraps in terms of support and better for training among the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai.

  • they are quick to put on and does not require any special wrapping technique
  • they are budget-friendly
  • many brands offer this type of hand wraps
  • they do not require any special wrapping know-how
  • they provide general protection
  • they cannot provide specific support to any area
  • they provide no feature of adding extra paddings
  • they are the least protective

Tape and Gauze Hand Wraps

If you’ve watched carefully, you will be able to agree with me that this is one of the most commonly used by professional boxers in competitions.

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They are white and come with tapes. Although it is hardly used in Muay Thai, it is still an available option.

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  • provides far more support to where it is needed.
  • it is very comfortable to wear
  • it is very lightweight
  • it comes in variable sizes
  • it is not reusable
  • requires extra help to wrap as it is difficult to wrap
  • it takes a long time to roll and wrap around the hand

The Fast Wraps

These are new to the market and are not prevalently used yet. They provide an excellent level of protection with improved comfortability. They are simply alternative wraps for the traditional wrapping methods.

  • they are easy to wrap as no special skill is needed to wrap it
  • it provides a reasonably fair amount of protection and support
  • they are comfortable to wear
  • hard to come across
  • might be too bulky to be worn underneath gloves

The Elastic Mexican Band Wraps

These are quite similar to the cotton wraps earlier mentioned in this post. But, the slight difference is that this has an additional feature of being strongly elastic. They come stretchy and can take the hand’s contour easily.

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Among all the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai, this is the most widely used. The feature of elasticity allows it to be wrapped around the hands easily and provide mere support where you need them. It is an excellent choice for hand compression.

  • it is breathable
  • it is elastic and stretchy to fit the hand contour easily
  • it provides excellent compression, protection, and support to the hand
  • it doesn’t loosen up when being used
  • it is easy to wrap
  • it might be too thick to be worn underneath gloves

Hopefully, I have been able to break down the seemingly difficult-to-understand types of hand wraps for Muay Thai.

Now, I will review just three brands and products so you get an image of what all this is about.

Top 3 Hand Wraps for Muay Thai

In this review section, I will provide the features, pros, and cons of the 3 best hand wraps for Muay Thai. This will be able to give you an idea of what to look out for when you want to make a purchase.

Here are the top 3 hand wraps I think will protect; your hands effectively and efficiently.

1. Everlast Pro Hand Wraps

This hand wrap comes from one of the most well-known brands – Everlast which is known to provide high-quality sports gear.

This wrap is super long and is an elastic wrap that is very stretchy and comfortable to never and features antimicrobial technology.

Since it is an elastic Mexican band, it is easy to loosen and tighten on the hands. Plus, they come with nicely fitted Velcro fastenings. To sum it all up, it is carefully designed and constructed.

Standard Features

  • Weight: 0.3 pounds
  • Material: Nylon or polyester – 55% nylon and 45% polyester
  • Size: 180 inch
  • Fastening: Velcro straps
What I like
  • this product is machine washable
  • it is super long to fit any hand size
  • it is made with breathable materials
  • the materials used are comfortable and soft.
  • excellent durability
  • features an antimicrobial treatment
What I don’t like
  • i think the material quality can be improved

2. Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps

From a dependable brand, this hand wrap will assure maximum support and protection against hand injuries. I consider them tough and durable. Also, they are Mexican band wraps so they are elastic.

They also come with the Velcro fastening straps so you can easily tighten and loosen them. They can also be used in other combat sports.

Standard Features

  • Weight: 0.3 pounds
  • Size: 180 inch
  • Fastening: Velcoro closure
What I like
  • it is very durable
  • offers excellent hand support and protection
  • made from high-quality materials
  • it comes in many beautiful colors
  • hand and machine washable
  • easy to wear and take off
What I don’t like
  • the material can be a bit uncomfortable to wear sometimes

3. Fairtex Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps

When it comes to style, Fairtex makes excellent products. These elastic cotton wraps are made from 100% cotton which is durable and very breathable.

Also 180 inches in length, they are long enough to cover the hand well. Due to the material used in its fabrication, this product can last up to five years if properly taken care of. They also come in attractive colors.

Standard Features

  • Weight: 0.3 pounds
  • Size: 180 inch
  • Material: elastic cotton
  • Fastening: hoop-and loop closure
What I like
  • it is from a dependable bond
  • very stylish and classy design
  • available in many attractive colors
  • very durable and cost-effective
  • 100% cotton which is easy to wash
  • elastic and fits around the contours of the hand easily
What I don’t like
  • the colors can fade away easily
  • it may be quite expensive to purchase

How to Choose the Best Hand Wraps

To get a good hand wrap may be a bit tactical I know. So, here is a guide to help you in purchasing the right one for you.

You should consider these in the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai.


When you get to the market, there are two major types of wraps you will find. They are elastic and non-elastic.

The elastic hand wraps will give you the leverage to flex when you wear them as they are stretchy. They will provide a good fit.

Meanwhile, the non-elastic is non-stretch and tends to last a bit longer than the elastic. So, when you want to choose a hand wrap, chew this over. You might want to pick comfort over a perfect fit.


Shopping is a lot easier when your budget can get you high-quality materials. I would advise that you opt for hand wraps a bit more expensive than those cheap ones out there.

This will be a lot more durable and will be made from high-quality materials. Also, keep in mind that the price will also influence how long they will last. For cost efficiency, go for a pricey one if you can.


Very important! Check out the length. Longer wraps will provide more support and will cover any hand size. However, shorter ones may not be able to do this.

It is recommended that you purchase a 180 inches wrap because it will guarantee appropriate protection, padding, and stability.


The straps used in tightening and fastening will determine how easily the wrap will come undone. Velcro straps and closures are best for hand wraps.

They will provide tight security so the wraps don’t loosen easily and will also assure a more solid and rigid fastening.

Now that is off my shoulder and hopefully, you’ve got what I’m trying to pass across, I will teach you how to wrap your hands with the different types of hand wraps for Muay Thai.

The Right Way to Wear a Hand Wrap for Muay Thai

The different types of hand wraps for Muay Thai have different ways to wear them. Some just wear and strap while some are rolled over the hand.

I will teach you how to wrap using some simple steps: in two methods:

The Winding Technique

  • Step one: Take the loop for the thumb against your palm.
  • Step two: Wrap around the fingers about six times.
  • Step three: Slip it out of your hands and securely keep them on your knuckles.
  • Step four: Start crossing the wraps down on your wrists about 6 times.
  • Step five: Start crisscrossing between your fingers and thumb.
  • Step six: Lastly, bring the last roll of wrap back to your wrist and secure it there.

Here is a simple video to guide you;

It is also called the traditional combat method. It is easy to wrap and is quite effective.

The Thai Wrapping Method

This focuses more on the knuckles.

  • Step 1: Roll the wrap 3-4 times over each other to form padding.
  • Step 2: Place that on the knuckles and secure with a first roll.
  • Step 3: Start rolling spirally until you get to the wrist.
  • Step 4: Wrap around the wrist 3 times.
  • Step 5: Start crisscrossing from knuckles to wrists.
  • Step 6: Slip in between the thumb and crisscross to the wrist and fingers.
  • Step 7: Take back to the wrist and fasten the Velcro strap.

Here is a video to help you;

You can use any of the fabric types of hand wraps for Muay Thai to do these.

Easy to try, right? I hope so!

How to Care for Your Hand Wraps for Muay Thai

Taking essential care of your hand wraps will improve longevity and durability. Because they absorb sweats after every use, they tend to smell if not properly taken care of. Here are some tips on how you can increase the life span of your Muay Thai hand wraps.

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Last update on 2024-05-24

  • After every use, either training or competition, air dry to prevent odor. Do not keep them in a bag, rather dry them to prevent the growth of bacteria and help them smell fresh.
  • Do not dry them using a drying machine. This is not recommended especially if you use an elastic Mexican-style hand wrap. This might ruin the elasticity.
  • Don’t use the same hand wrap over and over again. You should get at least 3 wraps so you can shuffle through with them. This will keep the fastening or straps rigid.
  • Don’t expose yourself to severe heat to maintain elasticity.
  • Wash with warm water to kill bacteria.

These tips apply to all the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai.

Final Thoughts

Hey! I’m glad you made it to the end of this post. I hope after this, you will look no further for answers about the types of hand wraps for Muay Thai. All that is entailed in Muay Thai is adequate protection. This should guide you will in making a good choice and also assist you in wrapping rightly.

So, wrap well, fight well!

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