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Do You Need Hand Wraps For Muay Thai?

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Do You Need Hand Wraps For Muay Thai

Will I need hand wraps for Muay Thai? Yay or Nay? That’s the big question among beginners in combat sports. Guess what! I’ve got the answer and it is YES! Definitely! You will need a hand wrap if you want to have a worthwhile experience in Muay Thai.

This boxing involves you making use of your hands and therefore those hands will need to be protected. Without these wraps, your most necessary body part to participate in this sport will be put in severe danger. You might even be shocked when you hear a sound like grrrr grrrr! That’s the sound of your knuckles cracking. Here are some points to convince you on why you need these. Take a look.

Why Do You Need a Muay Thai Hand Wrap?

That’s simple – for your safety. These wraps will be worn underneath your gloves to ensure the safety of your hands. This gives you a better chance against severe injuries. So, how do they make things safer?

Padding against direct impact

Hand wraps for Muay Thai provide padding for your hands and knuckles against harmful/forceful impact. When you throw a punch or block strikes from your opponent, the force will be transferred or received. This will require extra padding (much more than that the hand gloves will offer) to prevent the cracking of bones.

Shock absorption

In science, we were told that our hands are made up of 27 bones each (yes, that’s right. I actually counted them. They are 8 carpal or wrist bones, 5 metacarpal bones, and 14 phalangeal bones).

These bones are prone to dislocation and fracture. To prevent this, the hand wrap will provide a source of shock absorption to help withstand a huge shock amount that comes from hitting and blocking. This helps reduce the risks of bone damage.

Compresses the hand

For assurance of a lesser probability of bone and tissue injuries, the hand is meant to be kept compressed underneath the boxing gloves. When your hands are compressed, the shock received will be evenly distributed throughout the hand. This will reduce the negative impact of the shock that might have led to an injury.

Keeps the wrist straight

woman wraps

Let me paint you a quick but detailed picture. Imagine throwing a punch at a punching bag or an opponent. Then when you do this, your wrist gets bent downwards in the process. What will you feel? A sharp pain? Or worse? Maybe you might hear the sound of your bones cracking. That’s the reason you need hand wraps for Muay Thai.

The hand wrap will keep your wrist straight and restrict sudden and unwanted movements. This reduces the probability of you incurring an injury.

Restricts thumb motion

Apart from supporting the wrist, the thumb is also kept in place by the hand wrap. It helps prevent the occurrence of sudden motion in and out of place. It provides a source of support and aligns the hand and arm while keeping the thumb in an appropriate position. This will protect you from sprains and strains.

With all these, you shouldn’t still be wondering whether a hand wrap for Muay Thai is necessary or not. This is part of the gear required. Some additional reasons include that these serve as protection to your boxing gloves by absorbing sweat and preventing stench. Sounds good yeah?

So now that you’re convinced, a new question arises. When are you to make use of it? Let me brie you on this.

When to use a Hand Wraps for Muay Thai?

This has an obvious answer. From all that has been said about why it is important to have one, you should know that it is advisable to wear it Every Time.

Whenever you get involved in combat, make sure you have one underneath your gloves. They should never be neglected. Regardless of if it is just training, they are still important. They will protect your hands and also give you a sturdier and firmer grip.

What are the types of hand wraps?


In combat sports, there are three specific types of hand wraps available. The types of hand wraps are quite general to all combat sports in terms of features.

But for the hand wraps for Muay Thai, the cloth wrap is the standard type used. However, the three types are:

  • Tape and gauze hand wrap

This comes in variable sizes for different individuals. It is the most lightweight but still offers protection efficiently. A major setback to this type is that it cannot be reused and is a bit harder to come across.

  • Reusable hand wrap

In the aspect of cost-effectiveness, this stands out. As the name implies, it is s piece of reusable cloth that comes in variable sizes. There are a lot of brands that make this type of wrap. This type does not make use of the Velcro fastening mechanism when being reused.

  • Elastic Mexican bad hand wrap

This is stretchy and it takes the contour of the hand it is being worn on easily. It is the most suitable for Muay Thai. However, not all boxers may find this good. Some have said that this is too thick to be worn underneath gloves. But the choice is yours. It all depends on user preferences.

All of these types of hand wrap for Muay Thai are available in stores that sell combat gear. So, make your choice.

But, I know just walking into a store to purchase one may be a bit tactical when you have no idea how to recognize them. So, here is a quick categorization for you.

  • Elastic cotton wraps

These are stretchy and flexible. They allow for flexion and extension movements even when they are worn. This is a cheaper option and is not as durable as the non-elastic.

  • Non-elastic wraps

This is more efficient than the elastic hand wrap. They are more durable and tend to last longer because they are not stretchy. This saves costs in the longer run. Because of this feature, they are more expensive to invest in.

Tips on Getting a High-quality Hand Wrap

To get a high-quality hand wraps for Muay Thai, you should do these:

  • Go for a more pricey option if you can afford it

It is advisable that you invest in a more expensive hand wrap as the cheaper products tend to be of lesser quality. This will save you extra costs of purchasing new ones consistently.

  • Get a hand wrap produced by a well-known brand

Some of these brands include the:

Last update on 2024-05-27

All of these are well-known brands. These products have been tested and guaranteed.

  • Make your purchase from a trusted store

It is also a better idea to get your hand wraps from a recognized supplier or retailer. Amazon’s online store is a good example of this. They will provide top-notch products that will also come with product warranties.

  • Make your research

You should also take your time to check out customer reviews. You can find reviews from past users. These reviews can be found in sections of purchased products in online stores. You can also ask experienced Muay Thai fighters to recommend the best they have used. This should be an easier way right?

The points briefly discussed above should guide you in making a good purchase.

How to properly wear a Hand Wrap?

When rolling your wraps, the key parts to pay attention to are the knuckles, thumb, and fingers. There are two main methods of wrapping hands when Muay Thai is involved. They are:

  1. Traditional combat method – In this method, more attention is being paid to the wrist. The wrap is being rolled more sufficiently around the wrist in order to give support to it. This way, the wrist will stand firm even during punching and blocking.
  2. Thai’s Traditional time-consuming technique – Here, there is a cushioning pad that is to be made around the knuckles and then covered by the hand wrap. This cushion is to help provide extra padding for the knuckles against impact. This method is more commonly used by Muay Thai professionals.

Here are simple guidelines to help you:

  • Don’t wrap the hand wraps for Muay Thai too loose or too tight

Too tight hand wraps can cut off the circulation of blood which can cause necrosis. In the same way, don’t let it be to use loose. It will fall off and interrupt you when you fight. Ensure that it fits snuggly on your skin.

  • Don’t ignore the thumb when you wrap

It is necessary to ensure that the thumb is kept stable and supported to ensure protection from unwanted movement.

  • Don’t wrap upside-down

Check the inside of the wrap before you start rolling. Check for the fastener to find out the outsides.

  • Ensure that you make strong support on your wrist

Secure your wrist tightly to ensure stability. Make sure more loops are made around this region to achieve.

  • Make a fist during this process

This will make the whole procedure easier and faster.

These guidelines are to be strictly adhered to and any form of mistake should be totally avoided.

Wrapping up

With all that has been said and carefully explained in this post, I hope you walk away today knowing the importance of using hand wraps for Muay Thai and some additional basic knowledge concerning the sport.

For reference sake, I will ask and answer the question again. Is it necessary to use the hand wrap? Yes, it is my friend! There is no argument about this point anymore.

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