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Best Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

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Best Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

Fans from all over the world would love to travel to the city where Muay Thai originated to watch the best fights. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, holds by far the best places to get the best matches.

There are many fantastic locations and travel destinations to add to your bucket list. With significant ring actions, top-notch music (called Sarama), and enthusiastic fans to watch along with, here are some exceptional stadiums to watch the best Muay Thai fights in Bangkok.

Top 9 Locations to Watch the Best Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

1. The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Lumpinee Stadium

When talking about spots that host the best Muay Thai fights in Bangkok, this cannot be forgotten. This boxing stadium is one of the most famous Muay Thai arenas in Thailand and hosts Bangkok’s most popular stars.

Although it is located outside the town, it still welcomes many enthusiasts from far and wide. Being located close to Dong Muang airport, it is a bit hard to get to for many Muay Thai fans. In the most suitable way to get there is by car and taxi.

The Lumpinee stadium hosts Muay Thai fights three times a week – Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. You can get the tickets to the Stadium for about 1800 baht.

So, if you’re interested in the traditional origin and history of Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok, you should certainly visit this location. It welcomes great fighters who know a thing or two about the Muay Thai military history.

2. Channel 7 Sports Stadium

Every Sunday afternoon, this Stadium is filled to the brim with thousands of Muay Thai combat enthusiast fans to catch a glimpse of high-level Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. This Channel 7 stadium has a very accessible location, excellent Muay Thai action fights, happy local fans, and the best–free entry.

In this Stadium, you can find ringside seats for a better experience in comfort. The matches are also live broadcasted on Channel 7 Thailand.

It would help if you got there early as the matches start at 2 pm on Sundays. Being too late would be disheartening as all the good seats would’ve been occupied.

With just a 15 minute walk from the Chatuchak market, you can get a fantastic experience. Bring your drinks and snacks (yes, that is allowed here) and have a good time. Hey, gamblers! Catch a good time here as gambling is permitted in this Stadium. Remember, come early as this is one of the busiest Muay Thai stadiums in Bangkok.

3. The Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium

Rajadamnern Stadium

This is more centrally placed and easy to access than the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. According to history, this is the oldest sports stadiums in Thailand and dates back to around 1945.

Getting tickets to this Stadium is a bit expensive, but you will receive an ergonomic and comfortable experience once you’ve got a seat. The tickets are among 2000 baht a pop for the ring site tickets and 1500 baht for second class seats. Pricey, right? Yes, but have it in mind that this is a prestigious stadium to watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok.

Apart from being a good sports stadium, this is close to the tourist Centre in the old city area and hosts many international tourists. It is easily accessible and best gone to with a car or taxi. If you’re in for a trek, it is 20 minutes away from the Khao San Road.

There is a street ford galore just outside the boxing stadium, and outside snacks are allowed. Servers will be around to give you a great selection of food.

The Rajadamnern stadium hosts fight four times a week – Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The fights will start at 6 pm so don’t be late.

4. MX Muay Xtreme/GMM Grammy Studio/Suan Lum Night Bazaar

For light exciting knockout fights, this is highly recommended. With action-filled and intense struggles, this location is best for you. The GMM Grammy Studio hosts a battle that produces a reminiscent American boxing style.

Although this studio doesn’t really give off the feel of traditional, it hosts younger generation Thai fighters who will show you some extraordinary modern Thai skills.

The vibe of this is intensified with light MMA gloves, rock walk-in songs, and heavy blows to give the audience a positive experience.

This Stadium is located downtown of Sukhumvit and easy to access. You can come along with your snacks to hatch the fight.

Another excellent spec for this is that it allows free entry to all attendees. The MX Muay Xtreme holds fights every Friday at about 8:45 pm. Get there early to get the best seats. This is a free entry stadium and will be packed up. This is undoubtedly one of the best locations for Muay Thai fights in Bangkok.

5. Ban Chao Phraya Art Gallery (Muay Thai Super Champ and Muay Hardcore)

This location hosts two shows, one of the latest to catch the best Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok. The shows started only recently at about 2019, and they are both broadcasted live on Thailand’s Channel 8. The matches also feature the highly anticipated ‘Thai fighter VS Foreigner’ games, which is a thrilling hit for tourists.

Although this is the least popular on this list as the matches are regarded as low-quality, I can assure you that this will be an excellent choice to start with.

The shows will take place behind the Café Amazon (Ban Chao Phraya Art Gallery), which is not particularly downtown. So, you would be able to get there via the Thailand Chao Phraya boat.

The Muay Hardcore show holds on Saturdays at 7 pm prompt while the Muay Thai Super Champ holds on Sundays simultaneously (7 pm). So, it would be best if you could make it a bit earlier at about 6 pm to grab the best seats. Why so early? It is a free entry show, so a sizeable audience would be expected.

6. Siam Boxing Stadium

Also known as the Omnio Stadium, this is located in a neighboring province (Thailand is full of neighboring regions, so be ready) of Samut Sakhon. It is an arena where you would enjoy local Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. This is because it is a small center.

This venue is famous for being the first Muay Thai Stadium to allow a female sports commentator. So, you would meet lots of females in the matches. For massive knockouts and intense fights, go for this as the heavyweight fighters will come around often.

The tickets are also relatively affordable to purchase than those of the prestigious boxing stadiums. It costs just about 300 to 400 baht.

The match starts at a scheduled time of 11 am on Sundays. You can also watch the fight live on Thailand’s Channel 3.

7. Rangsit Boxing Stadium

This Stadium is located at Pathum Thani, which is a location that has very incredible tourist attractions- Future Park Shopping Center and the Dream word Amusement park.

Not only will you get the expected matchups of males, but you will get to watch the fights of female Muay Thai boxers in this Stadium. This makes it two rounds of combat.

The price of the tickets ranges between 100 to 200 baht depending on the gender of the boxers for the day. The matches are held on Fridays by 6 pm and will also be live broadcasted on the True4U Thailand television channel.

Professional and starfighters will get their matchups on Sundays by 4 pm and live-streamed on Channel 5 of Thailand’s television.

8. MBK Center/MBK Fight Night

mbk center

The MBK center is a huge shopping arena where almost all high-end products in Thailand are sold. This venue hosts Muay Thai fights in Bangkok every month. But, what attracts a lot of people is that it is an open area with free admissions.

The shows are held once a month (although it was weekly previously) at 6 pm. The day will be communicated before the presentation holds. It is also a fantastic venue to watch exciting and skilled female Muay Thai fights.

9. Asiatique the Riverfront (Muay Thai Live Show)

This is one of the most sought for shows of Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. The Stadium is one you should visit when you visit Thailand.

At Asiatique, you will get to watch the exciting live Muay Thai entertainment program, and it is recommended for tourists who want a better idea of Thai culture.

The event is hosted at the Modern Stage Theater with just 600 seat capacity, so you have to make it early. The live show exhibits lively entertainment in the form of a theatre drama. From it, you will be able to learn some of Muay Thai techniques and traditions.

The ticket is about 1,200 baht, and the shows are held from Thursdays to Sundays at 8 pm. You can get to the arena by boat.

Those locations are the top places to catch the best Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. So, here is some additional information for you as you plan to enjoy the intense Muay Thai matches.

A Brief Intro to Watching Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

Traditionally, every Muay Thai match will start with the ceremonial martial art dance called Wai Kru (or Wai Kru Ram Muay), which refers to giving homage.

A game should go on for only about 25 minutes with 3 minutes breaks in between every 2 minutes of combat. That would make the game last for about five rounds.

For shows at the Stadium, 7 to 9 fights will start from the youngest of the starfighters. They would have 2 to 3 rounds of the matchup to themselves.

The most anticipated part will be by the 6th or 7th round of matchup with the real Muay Thai professionals. So, it would be best if you didn’t miss out on this round for any reason. You should be informed about this so that you know what to be excited for.

Pro tip: Arrive before or at the Stadium by the 3rd or 4th round of matchups. This is when more intense fights will pick up.

For gamble lovers, come excited as most stadiums in Bangkok permit gambling activities, unlike in some other cities.

This is the general progression of events at the Muay Thai stadium in Bangkok. So, sit still and prepare for a very thrilling experience.

How to get a ticket to a Muay Thai show in Bangkok?

Getting a ticket to watch a Muay Thai match in Bangkok can sometimes be time-consuming and tactical. This is because shows held there are usually packed with lots of audiences. You might get seats, but you have to do it early.

So, here are ways to purchase a ticket to watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok.

i. At the Stadium’s Booth

You can book your ticket to watch the most anticipated Muay Thai fight at the Stadium’s booth. In front of the venue, tickets will be sold on or before the matches do you can pre-book the show.

Although this may not be the most comfortable means, it will be convenient for you if you stay around the location (or have lodged at a hotel close-by).

ii. Online Platforms

Some online platforms offer e-vouchers, which you can purchase as your ticket to Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. It is a more flexible option than buying tickets at the location. If you are a tourist, this may be the most suitable.

Rather than spending time in a queue in front of the booth, save that time to see more Bangkok monuments.

How to get to your Muay Thai Boxing Stadium?

As I emphasized earlier, it would be best to get to your chosen location first so that you don’t miss out on any of the intense knockouts and strikes. And also, you have a good view of the ring actions.

But these locations have various routes and means through which you can access them. So, specifically for the areas on our list, I will give you some means to get to your chosen venue. Take a look!

  • By taxi or grab or Tuk-tuk

If you are new around town and are not familiar with the route, you can get there using a taxi to navigate through the area quickly. Tuk-tuk is a popular means of transport in Bangkok and is relatively expensive. So, this method will only be possible if you have an extensive budget.

Meanwhile, using this method may be restricted in some locations (such as those close to the river). The accessibility of the venue will determine the means to take. Places like the Lumpinee Stadium and the Rajadamnerm Boxing Stadium can be accessed using the taxi or tuk-tuk.

  • Trekking

When your venue is close to where you have settled, you can decide to take a trek. Areas close to the Rajadamnerm Stadium and the Channel 7 stadium are about 15 to 20 minutes away.

Tourists who would love to go for some sightseeing can book a hotel close to the Stadium and trek there at match time.

  • By Boat

Yes! Boat! Some locations are not navigated by using cars or taxis. The Ban Chao Phraya Art Gallery is not precisely downtown, so you will need to get there by the Chao Phraya boat.

This can add to your travel experience as a foreigner. Be cautious, though, as there are complaints about tourists being scammed more often in Bangkok. Either way, you should ensure you have an enjoyable time.

Useful Bangkok Travel Tips For You

As a stranger in a foreign land who just wants to have a good time, you should know a little about living in Thailand. Here are some useful tips to guide you during your stay in the city.

  • Go with a detailed map

Navigating through Bangkok can be a bit confusing. There are lots of streets, neighboring provinces, rivers, and expressways. Thus you will need an unambiguous and easy-to-understand city map.

The maps must have an exact name of streets, neighborhoods, and closes. Go with the exact address of where you are trying to navigate. This way, Google maps will be able to help you better.

  • Plan your tour carefully

Draw a plan of the places you wish to visit. Book your ticket to the Muay Thai fights in Bangkok early. Otherwise, you might mix up all your projects. You can make use of a guidebook or go with tourist agencies.

  • Beware of scammers

In every travel destination, you know this is paramount. Never be on the loose guard when it comes to this. They may approach you as friends and helpers.

The Khao San Road, where the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium is located, is known to be notorious for hosting scammers, so stay alert.

Bottom Line

Apart from these locations, watch the best Muay Thai fights in Bangkok; there are also many venues you would love to visit when you get there.

However, Thailand, the home of Thai Boxing, will host the most professional fighters you would come across in the western world. So, be sure to enjoy your stay to the full. And also, learn a skill or two of the Muay Thai techniques.

Have a safe experience!

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