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The 5 Best Muay Thai Books You Must Read

muay thai books
best muay thai books

I love reading books! I think it exposes the world of a subject in a whole different light. In the ancient sports of the art of the eight limbs, there are other means which you could get to appreciate and learn apart from watching television or training physically. Reading books is a proper alternative medium.

Like we say, ‘in case things get boring, I’m bringing a book,’ we could apply this in Muay Thai. As a trainee who’s watching videos and needs more revelation about the sports, multiple Muay Thai books could help you.

Here’s a list I compiled of the five best Muay Thai books you need to read as a beginner/connoisseur. Let’s take a look at them;

The Best Muay Thai Books to Read

No matter your rank or level in Muay Thai, the following books are most definitely books on the sports you are sure to enjoy! I promise I provide you with only the best ones with the most accurate reviews. So, jumping into it already;

1. Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques

Author: Christopher Delp

Originally published: 2005

There are many books aimed at providing a clearer understanding of Muay Thai to beginners and those interested in it. However, of all these books, Muay Thai Basics is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guides available.

Written by one of the finest kickboxing, fitness, and Muay Thai instructor trained in Thailand, this book is clearly and carefully drafted to provide you with the basic knowledge you need of sports. Although he isn’t a Thailand native, he has quite several years of experience training and competing in Thailand, which is the home of sports. That should guarantee his knowledge.

This book is a hands-on instructor’s guide that contains the history, culture, techniques, rituals, and basics of sports. It is a beginner’s guide, and I recommend this book to all new converts to Muay Thai. All techniques here are clearly shown for beginners to comprehend.

Subsequently, there are two other books in this series written by the same author. They go deeper in explaining how to train and get the best out of it. However, I recommend this to all beginners before the others. This is one of the best Muay Thai books ever, and you won’t be ever disappointed.

2. A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare in Thailand

Author: Billy Moore

Originally published: 2011

Personally, this is one of the best Muay Thai books I’ve read. It would probably not need a severe introduction since it was transformed into a blockbuster movie that made waves in the Western world back in 2018. Although, it might be news to you that it was a book first. I had to read the book after discovering that, and I found it fascinating.

It is a true-life about the life experience of Billy Moore (who is the author) in Klong Prem Prison, the notorious and dire Bangkok Hilton. It tells the story of Moore traveling to Thailand to escape the life of drug addiction and his endless battles for survival and freedom in the notorious prison.

This book right here is more than any ordinary prison memoir you’ve known before. Although Muay Thai occupies the backseat in this book, it is a fascinating book that could teach you hope and perseverance, which are still skills you need in training. So, if you’re a fan of real-life prison stories with a twist of action and a background story, this book is worth a try.

Also, if you’ve seen the movie and think you wouldn’t appreciate the book, I recommend that you have a rethink. After watching the film, I had to read the book, and I got to enjoy the story more. I hope you will too.

3. Muay Thai: Peace, at Last

Author: Michael Goodison

Originally published: 2016

On my list of best Muay Thai books, taking third place is ‘Muay Thai: Peace, at last’ written by fighter and writer- Michael Goodison. As a western fighter, he penned his experience, adventures, tours, and adaptation in Thailand, Muay Thai’s home. He also tries to give an insight into Thailand’s perspective of the western world.

I love how this book resonates with the way many ‘farangs’ (foreigners) in Thailand are being taught to get used to leaving the western lifestyle for a minimal Thailand life. The best part of the book is the stories included about the people he meets there and his adventures along the way.

He describes his experience participating in a stadium as a Muay Thai fighter and a foreigner. Although this book is loosely built on Muay Thai techniques and basics, it is more of a resonating narrative of a journey through the physical, spiritual, martial arts, and social adventures of a real-life fighter’s one-month stay in Thailand.

So, if you’re anything like me who enjoys literature and travel stories, you will also enjoy Goodison’s account. There’s the spiritual part and even HUMOUR! I appreciate his genuineness and sincerity of thoughts expressed in this book. For fighters, this book has some tips for you and those interested in training in Thailand.

4. The Boxer’s Soliloquy

Author: Matt Lucas

Originally published: 2014

Are you a fan of short stories? Well, this is the right one for you, coupled with your Muay Thai sports. In this book, an English writer/comedian/actor/television-personality compilation of 15 unrelated short stories revolving around Thailand’s most popular sports.

Written in a well-versed and beautiful poetic atmosphere, this book aims at describing Muay Tai in a romantic light. It is built on the writer’s story coupled with other characters he came across along the way. It paints a picture that exposes the art and all its spirituality.

Although this book isn’t something just anyone but those with a bit of knowledge Muay Thai knowledge can relate to, it still retains a position as one of the best Muay Thai books ever written. And it may seem slowly penned at some point; it still does an excellent job describing the arts in their true intentions. But, its slow pace isn’t something any casual reader may enjoy.

I enjoy the clearness of how the book succeeds in revealing and depicting the nature of the martial arts. It shows that it was indeed written from the experience of someone who has certainly lived the life of Muay Thai.

I enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend it to trainees, fighters, or anyone planning a trip to Thailand for the Muay Thai adventure.

5. The Fighter’s Mind: Inside the Mental Game

Author: Sam Sheridan

Originally published: 2010

There’s no way this list of best Muay Thai books will ever be complete without the mention of The Fighter’s Mind by our very own Sheridan. On this side, Sam Sheridan goes into uncovering the hidden facts and secrets of strength associated with the mental game. He teaches the mental discipline and determination needed by every fighter to survive in Muay Thai.

Sheridan did an excellent job in digging into the reasons why we fight and how we fight. He writes to prove that 90% of fighting is more mental than physical, and I agree. He buried himself into these quests and went as far as interviewing world-renowned fighters, including Marcello Garcia and many other premium fighters.

This book is simply a genius work and is a mixture of educating and entertaining. I found it very encouraging, and I love the message it tries to pass across. He also tells us about his experience as a fighter and how he learned to train his mind to balance his physical strength.

Sheridan also has other hot-selling books, including a fighter’s heart, which also delves into the mental game’s insides in martial arts. It’s simply a burst of fascinating stories that you will find entertaining.

Here’s a bonus… Muay Thai Journal

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to step up your Muay Thai game. After all, what’s the point of training if you’re not making progress? That’s why I was so excited to discover the Muay Thai Journal. This is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to take their Muay Thai to the next level.

The Muay Thai Journal is more than just a diary or a workout log. It’s designed to help you track your progress, stay motivated, and reach your health and fitness goals in an incredibly enjoyable way!

Having a tangible record of your improvement is not only satisfying, but it’s also motivating — you’ll be excited to see how far you’ve come and what you’re capable of. Trust me, this journal is a game changer. No more boring workout logs or uninspired grocery lists — the Muay Thai Journal is here to help you make the most of your Muay Thai journey.

Final Thoughts

Having a good understanding of Muay Thai is more than physical training and watching others fight. You will need some personal time to study, and books are there to help you. Books will expose more than can be said with so many secrets; this is why you need only the best Muay Thai books available.

If you don’t enjoy reading but still need to give it a try, rather than reading plain instructional books, which are not for a casual book reader, you should try those with a background story attached to them.

Happy reading!

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