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7 Best Muay Thai Camps In Thailand

7 Best Muay Thai Camps In Thailand

Hey! Do you need to find the right training camp for you? Well, this is it. As we know that Thailand is the national home of the Muay Thai martial art sport, there are many training camps there. That is a fact! There’s a lot to choose from.

However, choosing will depend on how long your plan to train for, your estimated budget, and your location choice. Regardless of that, getting a suitable one is essential. In this post, I would give a list of 7 best Muay Thai Camps in Thailand.

But before that;

What You Should Look For in a Muay Thai Training Camp

Before I provide you with a list of the Muay Thai Camps I have for you, I would like to give a directional guide on some points to look at in every camp.

There are many factors to consider when taking a pick. Some things to look out for would include the reputation of the camp, location, and size. So, here is a list of a checklist you need to write down.


Accommodation is a paramount factor that would show if the camp is worth it. Some low-quality centers offer very shabby accommodations for their trainees. This doesn’t seem right. The accommodation should be suitable and comfortable. Otherwise, where would you lay your head after every strenuous training section? A pig’s sty?


Although this will not fully apply to all camps, it would still be best if you consider it. Check out for the camp’s reputation. Ask for feedback and reviews from past trainees. This would be a better way.


The location should be an accessible one. Remote areas may be more expensive to get to. This would incur more costs on your budget.


Your budget will also influence the amount you will spend at a training camp. Some training camps are more expensive than others. The more expensive ones are usually high-end Muay Thai camps.

Training level

What level are you in Muay Thai martial art? Are you an expert or a beginner? Some camps are geared up for the expert fighters while the others are suitable for beginners.

These are just a few things to look out for. But, here’s a pro-tip from me; there is no perfect camp anywhere. You need to find the one that suits your preferences. Don’t think too cheap about it.

Now, here is my review:

Seven Best Muay Thai Camps For You

After much research, I have compiled seven Muay Thai camps, which stood out amongst the many. I can assure you that you will indeed find the one for you on this list, no matter your preferred specification.

So, in no particular order, here are the best camps for Muay Thai in Thailand.

1. Sit Je Man Muay Thai

sit je mam muay thai

This is a traditional Muay Thai training camp run by a family (husband and wife). It is known for having trained some of the big names in Muay Thai, including Jefferson Oliveira, Silvia La Notte, and a lot more.

The camp is located in Pai, Northern Thailand, and is cited close to a rice field. This means there will be refreshing air and excellent food to eat.

This camp is great for:

  • Beginners who plan to take a course in Muay Thai.
  • Travelers who want to experience little of Thailand’s countryside lifestyle.
  • Foreigners who want to settle down in the home of a traditional fighter.
  • Muay Thai fighters who are seeking a budget-friendly experience and great value for their money.
  • Fighters who seek top quality Muay Thai experience.

Location: Pai, Northern Thailand (Pai, Mae Hongson, 58130)

Price for one week: $145 per week

Price for one month: $450 per month

Email address: [email protected]

Training sessions: two times daily

Includes: Accommodation and equipment (food excluded)

2. Battle Conquer Gym


This camp offers intense and strict training in both Muay Thai and Western Boxing.

Of most Muay Thai Camps in Thailand, this is one of the most rural and raw. Why? It is located in Thailand’s farmland and is a bit out of modern life’s reach.

They are more into strict training regimes, and for serious training with added experiences in hiking, yoga, and eating of raw diets, this camp will take you back to your root.

The camp is great for;

  • Those who want to lose lots of weight and gain extreme fitness.
  • People who enjoy side excursion activities apart from Muay Thai training. Activities including swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, and biking.
  • Those who want to experience some rural and raw lifestyle in Thailand.
  • Foreigners interested in eating Thailand’s local food and raw food diet – raw vegetables and just fruit diet.
  • Those who prefer to train in a serene environment away from the town’s noise.
  • Fighters who are seeking severe and intensive training.

Location: Phetchabun, Northern Thailand (Bueng San Phan, Phetchabun)

Price for one week: $380

Price for one month: $1587

Email address: [email protected]

Training session: Daily

Includes: Accommodation, equipment, three meals per day, and occasional excursions.

3. Attachai Muay Thai Gym

What exactly do I look for in Muay Thai Camps? I just want to know how many success stories emerged from them. Well, this camp fits that bill. It is run by a Muay Thai champion Attachai Fairtex who is a three-time champion. This would mean that he would make use of his excellent skills and techniques in training the learners.

The center is located in Central Thailand, Bangkok city. This also means that there would be lots of things to see and experience alongside your training.

The Attachai Muay Thai gym is well suited for;

  • Fighters who seeks an opportunity to learn from a real Muay Thai champion.
  • Trainees from any level of Muay Thai (beginner, intermediate or advanced).
  • Those who seek a budget-friendly experience and still get the most value for their money.
  • Those who want to train in Thailand’s central city (Bangkok is the heart of Thailand).
  • People who seek an opportunity to strengthen their balance and agility.

Location: Bangkok, Central Thailand (Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250)

Price for one week: $225 per week

Price for a month: $920 a month

Email address: [email protected]

Includes: Accommodation, three meals a day, and occasional excursions.

Training sections: 2 times daily (Muay Thai session)

4. Honour Muay Thai Gym

Just like the Attachai Muay Thai camp, this training gym is owned and run by two Muay Thai experts- Howard and Ajam Yodachai Noi. They both have over forty years of Muay Thai experience. There’s more to experience in Muay Thai camps, watching live combats at the stadiums.

This camp is located just a few minutes away from a famous Muay Thai stadium that is always filled with an enthusiastic audience and active fighters. The setting of the center is a tropical and natural one with lots of beautiful beaches around. Why beaches? It is located in Krabi, a beautiful island in Thailand.

I would recommend this camp for;

  • Serious fighters who are looking for a place to get intensive training sessions.
  • Fighters who want to take a step into a higher level of Muay Thai combat.
  • Those who want to learn directly from expert fighters and also learn their winning skills and routines.
  • People who want to experience more than just Muay Thai training. You can get to watch the hottest fights close by.
  • New fighters who need inspiration from the experienced fighters.

Location: Krabi, Southern Thailand (Mueang Krabi, Krabi 81180)

Price for one week: $76 per week

Price for one month: $243 per month.

Email address: [email protected]

Includes: nothing out of training (accommodation and food are also available but paid for)

Training sessions: 2 times per day.

5. Por Silaphai Muay Thai Gym

For beginners in sports, the Por Silaphai gym is there to serve you from start to finish. Also, for travelers who happen to find themselves in this camp, you have gotten yourself into the buzzing city of Chiang Mai (which is also one of the most polluted countries in the world- fact!)

Just like some of the other Muay Thai camps, it is owned by two best friends. And since that is the case, you will be sure to receive friendly treatment and a comfortable environment.

This camp would suit:

  • People who want a place where you can get to meet new people and make new friends
  • Those who prefer the buzzy city life over the tropical ones.
  • Travelers on a Muay Thai vacation who need to train as Muay Thai fighters from scratch.
  • Those wanting to experience the nightlife of Chiang Mai.
  • Foreigners who want to taste more of Thailand’s cuisines as there are many restaurants and bars around it.
  • Tourists who seek to participate in Chiang Mai festivals and events.
  • Those wanting to train at a place with a gender-friendly atmosphere.
  • Those who want an affordable center that would still offer excellent service.

Location: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand (Hang Dong, Mae Hae Meung)

Price for one week: $157 per week

Price for one month: $396 a month

Email address: [email protected]

Training session: two times Muay Thai a day

Includes: Muay Thai gear and accommodation (included in the pay for weekly and monthly alike)

6. Fitkoh Thailand Fitness Camp

Sometimes, it is disheartening the quality of treatment and services some Muay Thai camps offer to their trainees. They merge them into unreasonable class groups and train them nonchalantly. But, the Fitkoh Thailand fitness camp is an exception.

They are known to render excellent customer services. For beginners who want one on one training experience from expert trainers, you can get that here. Besides being a welcoming center, the gym is a beautiful one located close to serene beaches and many fancy restaurants.

It would suit;

  • People who want more than just any type of rugged training in Muay Thai boxing.
  • Those who plan a Muay Thai retreat with fantastic food and recess activities.
  • People who want to meet new friends and build a network in Thailand.
  • Those who prefer one on one Muay Thai training compared to group sessions.
  • Fighters who want to learn from dedicated and expert trainers.
  • Travelers who want fantastic accommodation and a complete gym.
  • Tourists who want to visit the beautiful beaches in Koh Samui, Thailand.
  • Fighters who plan to improve their skills and learn modern techniques.

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand (Surat Thani, 84330)

Price per week: $450

Price for a month: $1,530 USD

Includes: Beach training sessions, accommodation, equipment, jungle runs, and three meals a day.

Training sessions: 2 times daily

Email address: [email protected]

7. Punch It Muay Thai Gym

Yes! This is the last one on our list, which means that it would have a lot to offer. The Punch It Muay Thai training camp is a fantastic center amongst the many Muay Thai camps there are in Koh Samui. That’s why is picked it out.

With excellent training facilities, high-end training equipment, and high-quality gear, this is a complete package. It is also an ideal location more suitable for beginner and intermediate trainees. But that doesn’t mean the advanced can’t have a class here.

The camp is suitable for:

  • Beginner and intermediate level Muay Thai trainees.
  • Trainees who seek a place with standard gym equipment and facilities.
  • Travelers who are wanting the best value for their money.
  • Those who want bonus activities besides Muay Thai.
  • International students who want to learn the traditional techniques of Thailand’s Muay Thai.
  • People who want personalized training and workout sessions.

Location: Koh Samui, South Thailand (Surat Thani, 84310)

Price for one week: $231 per week.

Price for one month: $744 per month.

Email address: [email protected]

Includes: Accommodation, gym equipment, and gear, airport pick-up

Training sessions: twice a day.

And that’s all I have concerning the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai boxing.

Tips in Choosing the Right Muay Thai Training Camp

If you conduct a quick survey by asking six different people some of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand, you’ll probably get other answers. This is because everyone has different preferences. The best would be the right one for YOU!

Finding a good camp would be a bit tactical if you don’t figure out the necessities. So, here are tips to guide you when choosing the right Muay Thai gym.

Do Your Research

This is the most crucial step in making any choice whatsoever. Research is first! Look into the location you have chosen and start off from there. Browse the Muay Thai camps in that location and look them up.

Go through their websites and check for past trainees’ reviews and feedback. You can get more information than you’ve ever imagined by doing this.

Please Don’t Jump Into It

This is also a pro-tip. Don’t lock yourself in too suddenly. Don’t pre-book a training camp without having seen it in person. Please make sure you see it for yourself.

Every Muay Thai gym will love to market their business. They would obviously put up the best for you to see. So, please don’t buy it until you physically examine the place.

Check Out The Gym Facilities

Gym neatness and maintenance is a significant aspect where many camps are lagging. Is the gym regularly cleaned? Is the equipment serviced continuously and maintained? It would be best if you found out before you register with any camp at all.

Consider Air Pollution

This is a matter of seasons. During the months of December to April, the air quality in Thailand may not be considered healthy. This occurs mostly in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Pattaya.

So, if you want to travel during this season, I suggest you choose a gym southwards like in Phuket or Koh Samui as they are the least polluted at this time.

Study The Class Size

It is a simple logic to understand that the larger the class size, the lesser attention each student will get. If you are registered at a smaller gym with fewer students, you can get a personalized training session with the trainer.

At high seasons, gyms in Thailand are usually overcrowded. So I would recommend going during other seasons.

Examine The Gender Friendliness of the Gym

Women are mostly afraid of training in camps on their own. Why so? This is because they fear sexual harassment. This is real!

So, it would be good if you go to a gym with many women. Take a look at the number of female trainers and trainees in the camp.

Final thoughts

We’ve come to the end of this guide. I would love to tell you that if you seek a perfect Muay Tai training camp, you would need to redefine what you want as there is no perfect camp anywhere.

All the Muay Thai camps have their pitfalls and drawbacks. So, all you need do is pick the one that suits your preferences.

I hope this guide was able to teach you a few things. Have a wonderful Muay Thai training experience!

Last Updated on May 21, 2022 by Deni

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Hi, I started training Muay Thai back in 2016 and fell in love with it. So I decided to create this blog in the pursuit of this passion and share my experience with you.

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