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muay thai vs boxing gloves comparison

Muay Thai Vs Boxing Gloves: A Head-To-Head Comparison

There are many differences between boxing and Muay Thai – rounds, equipment, rules, judges, rituals before the fight… But the ancient Siamese martial art and one of the oldest fighting disciplines in the world share two things – ring and gloves. There are very few different details between the rings.

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muay thai training with coach

Muay Thai Workout Routine: Everything You Need To Know

Practice makes perfect certainly applies in all aspects of your life. But how about the wrong training routine? What if you have the best intentions but make mistakes because of the lack of knowledge? How to put your Muay Thai workout routine to the next level and progress faster than

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muay thai vs combat sambo comparison

Muay Thai Vs Combat Sambo: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Muay Thai’s lethal clinch is one of the most dangerous positions to deal with in the world of martial arts. On the other side, Combat Sambo brings superb leg locks, armbars, quick strikes, and excellent trips and takedowns. In Muay Thai, you’re trying to beat your opponent by any means

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thigh bruises

The In-Depth Guide to Muay Thai Thigh Conditioning

Muay Thai is one of the most brutal striking martial arts in the world. Competitors take violent hits to literally every area of their bodies. Shin conditioning is a worldwide known topic, and there are numerous drills for strengthening. But what happens to the inner and outer sides of the

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muay thai vs capoeira comparison

Muay Thai Vs Capoeira: A Head-To-Head Comparison

I’ve been a diehard Muay Thai addict for a long time, and comparing it to other martial arts is a real piece of cake for me. There were many great bouts between Thai boxing and different fighting styles. Muay Thai Vs Capoeira makes no sense to more than 80 percent

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muay thai fighter health

Top 5 Benefits of Muay Thai For Your Health

Both recreational and professional Muay Thai is a superb way to burn your calories, improve your levels of physical and mental strength, and say goodbye to stress. I’ve heard many traditional people calling Thai boxing violent martial art designed to hurt people, but they are so one-dimensional. There are so

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muay thai vs mma comparison

Muay Thai Vs MMA: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Muay Thai predominantly served to protect the homeland, then transitioned into a sport. The first-ever Muay Thai MMA fighter was Orlando Wiet at UFC 2, who destroyed Robert Lucarelli with a barrage of clinch knees to the head, but lost the second bout to Remco Pardoel via the ground elbows.

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