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Does Muay Thai Increase Testosterone? 4 Factors That Matter

increase testosterone with muay thai
does muay thai increase testosterone

In my state, many people believe that martial artists are “people with too much testosterone in their bodies”. But Muay Thai is a lifestyle too. Fighters get up in the morning, go to train, and rest. Then they have another training session in the evening.

But is the first sentence of this text true? Does Muay Thai increase testosterone? Throughout my life, I’ve seen many bulky guys landing harder shots than perfectly ripped fighters. Technique matters! And some other factors determine the level of the popular “male hormone” in the human body.

Thai fighters are mostly skinny, but their testosterone levels are rarely low. Now it’s time to find out why!

Which Factors Matter?

Any kind of exercise helps you raise the levels of testosterone in your body. Especially at the beginning of your Muay Thai voyage. Imagine a sedentary person who decides to change her life and kicks off with one of the most demanding martial arts in the world.

But why would Muay Thai increase testosterone levels? Well, Thai boxing is a HIIT activity– very simple. Four factors determine the levels of testosterone boost:

  • Weight – obese people are more prone to low testosterone levels because obesity brings many other health risks;
  • Age – post-exercise testosterone boost is believed to be lower in older men;
  • Time of the day – do you train in the morning, afternoon, or evening;
  • Your fitness level – fighters in good shape get less testosterone boost compared to beginners or fighters who return to training sessions after a long break.

Listen, if you naturally have a very low testosterone rate or deal with a health issue, I advise you to visit a doctor first. Specialists exist for a reason, maybe you have psychological issues. In that case, therapies will help.

Now let me describe factors that boost the levels of testosterone in the human body.

Are Obese People More Prone To Low Testosterone Levels?

You know, I wrote a Muay Thai nutrition guide to try to motivate you to pay attention to calories and the groceries on your menu. No offense, but too fat guys might be disappointed when their girlfriend wants to enjoy with them due to erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. There are many obesity risks – heart problems, coronary issues, high blood pressure…

fat man eating sandwich

I have never seen a fat guy with fair results in Muay Thai. Training sessions are usually aerobic, your body is put on fire. It leads to fat loss. Yeah, obese guys suffer way more from low testosterone levels, but a regular Muay Thai workout can resolve the issue.

You will get the motivation to train when you’re surrounded by high-level athletes ready to strike until the last dying breath. You don’t want to be the worst guy in the group, do you?

You can always undergo testosterone therapy if you hate pieces of training, but there is a risk of sleep apnea. I kindly recommend you kick off your Muay Thai career!

Your testosterone boost in the first few weeks of training will rock! Muay Thai fighters rarely lift weights, but there are so many strength and cardio drills! A study from 2016 shows that regular exercise raises testosterone levels more than weight loss!

A healthy lifestyle is important. Eat organic food, sleep regularly, and decrease levels of stress and cortisol in your body.

Should Younger People Have Greater Levels Of Testosterone?

Testosterone levels drop as you age, so it is natural. You need to do something to protect your body from potential issues. Older people are more prone to problems.

You can change your lifestyle and train three times per week. One hour in the evening in the gym brings way more benefits than sixty minutes in front of the TV. Remember, it all depends on the testosterone-cortisol ratio, when one goes up the other goes down. It means that professional sport doesn’t necessarily lead to elevated levels of “male hormones”.

Mature people are way more under stress compared to younger guys because of money and family issues. Older men get less post-exercise testosterone boost but an inactive lifestyle leads to damage to your body. I’d always choose a training session.

Does Time Of The Day Matter?

I am telling you, Muay Thai increases testosterone levels because the majority of training sessions for regular people take place in the evening. Why is that important?

The greatest levels of testosterone in the human body are excreted in the morning. Early training session matters for professional athletes, but people must go to work. The human body excretes the smallest amounts of testosterone in the afternoon or evening, depending on the person.

Evening workouts might lead to a greater post-exercise testosterone boost than morning training sessions. A hard training session after your work keeps your sexual functions and gives you more energy for the upcoming day.

How About Fitness Level?

Inactive guys will have a greater hormonal response, which means their post-training testosterone boost is gonna be bigger.

A person who has already trained for a long time will have elevated levels of testosterone after a training session. Yet, her number will be significantly smaller compared to an athlete who didn’t train for a long time. The reason is – that the body of an inactive person didn’t have time to adjust to new changes. The body reacts more intensively to the training session.

As time goes by, you will get used to the Muay Thai challenge. The same workout will lead to a lower hormone response. But you can always change your routine or train harder. Put your body on fire with HIIT Thai boxing session to see how Muay Thai increases testosterone levels.


Thai boxing is a vigorous HIIT activity. Working on the technique will not lead to huge levels of fatigue. Yet, the majority of dojos like 3 or 5-minute rounds and heavy workouts. You’ll notice a massive testosterone response in the first few weeks of your Muay Thai journey.

Yes, Muay Thai increases testosterone levels, but resistance training and healthy nutrition will give you an even better hormonal response. Remember, stay away from stress, sleep at least seven hours, and train hard for maximum effect!

Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by Deni

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Hi, I started training Muay Thai back in 2016 and fell in love with it. So I decided to create this blog in the pursuit of this passion and share my experience with you.

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