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muay thai stance fight

The Advanced Guide To Muay Thai Stance

Muay Thai stance draws the attention of untrained individuals. It is one of the greatest trademarks of ancient Siamese martial art. The majority of other martial arts recommend keeping elbows tucked against the ribs. Yet, Muay Thai is famous for “weird” arm position, keeping your front foot on its balls,

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Muay Thai Vs Krav Maga Comparison

Muay Thai Vs Krav Maga: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Comparing sports discipline and military martial art is never easy, but have you ever thought about the origins of Thai boxing? In its early stages, the ancient Siamese martial art served for homeland defense. Traditional Thai boxing still contains some lovely defensive techniques, with or without a weapon. Muay Thai

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street fight

How Effective Is Muay Thai In A Street Fight?

Even the most peaceful human on the planet Earth might get bullied and attacked on the street. Robbers are merciless, they see a bag with money and nothing else. In school, many kids build their reputations by torturing and harassing weaker classmates. Muay Thai in a street fight – so

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muay thai weapons

Does Muay Thai Use Weapons?

Muay Thai is a sport with strict rules, where every single rule-breaker gets penalized for his actions. “The Science of Eight Limbs” allows striking with your legs, elbows, knees, and fists. Headbutts are prohibited. But let’s forget about the sports version of Thai boxing. As well as you know, the

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knee pain

Is Muay Thai Bad For Knees?

Knee strikes are mostly trademarks of Muay Thai, but Thai boxing can cause serious damage to your knee joints. You must pay a lot of attention to your moves if you don’t want to end your career due to an ACL or PCL surgery. Many practitioners would like to know

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muay thai danger

Is Muay Thai Dangerous? | Myths About The Risks

Muay Thai is one of a few martial arts that allow elbows, knees, punches, and kicks. Many people consider it one of the most dangerous disciplines in the world. Others say it leaves less dangerous consequences to your health than for example boxing. But can you make a difference between

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glove weight

Muay Thai Regulation Glove Weight (Glove Guide For Competitions)

Muay Thai is a martial art, but there’s a huge difference between the traditional and competitive style. The traditional style allows all kinds of strikes for successful self-defense. Yet, competitive Thai boxing rules prohibit, for example, nut shots, strikes to the back of the head, and kicking the downed opponent.

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