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muay thai fighter health

Top 5 Benefits of Muay Thai For Your Health

Both recreational and professional Muay Thai is a superb way to burn calories, improve your physical and mental strength levels, and say goodbye to stress. I’ve heard many traditional people calling Thai boxing violent martial art designed to hurt people, but they are so one-dimensional. There are so many wonderful

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muay thai vs mma comparison

Muay Thai Vs MMA: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Muay Thai predominantly served to protect the homeland, then transitioned into a sport. The first-ever Muay Thai MMA fighter was Orlando Wiet at UFC 2, who destroyed Robert Lucarelli with a barrage of clinch knees to the head, but lost the second bout to Remco Pardoel via the ground elbows.

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muay thai vs kung fu comparison

Muay Thai Vs Kung Fu: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Martial arts fans mostly enjoy comparing two fighting styles. I bet you already have your theory of a potential winner in a Muay Thai vs Kung Fu matchup. These two martial arts are very much different. Kung Fu moves are nice to watch but not all of them are going

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muay thai vs lethwei comparison

Muay Thai Vs Lethwei: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Also known under the name “The Burmese boxing”, Lethwei is probably the most violent stand-up martial art in the world. Headbutts are allowed, there are no gloves. Your goal is to knock out your opponent or hurt him badly. But I bet you’ll be surprised with Muay Thai vs Lethwei

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benefits of yoga

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga for Muay Thai Everyone Should Know

I believe that the importance of yoga for Muay Thai success is heavily underrated. Fighters sleep, go to a training session, rest in the afternoon, again take part in another training session in the evening, and get back to bed. Yeah, they live like warriors and it’s excellent. But here

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muay thai vs bjj comparison

Muay Thai Vs BJJ: A Head-To-Head Comparison

I’ve been a diehard Muay Thai fan for a very long time, but I’m also watching MMA. Comparing 100% different fighting styles has always been a top-notch challenge for me. Hey, I can bet that fifty percent of casual fans would say that these two styles are “non-comparable”! Well, I

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muay thai vs karate comparison

Muay Thai Vs Karate: A Head-To-Head Comparison

Both Karate and Muay Thai are known for violent punches and vigorous kicks, unfortunately, the Japanese martial art modified its rules and, in some styles, you mustn’t hit the opponent hard or you’ll get disqualified (I hope you watched Tokyo 2021 finals). But look at the bright side. There are

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muay thai on thailand

7 Reasons Why Thailand is The Best Place to Train Muay Thai

I’ve visited so many Muay Thai dojos throughout my life, and each one of them offered something new. While some people train the ancient Siamese martial art for self-defense only, others are focused on the competition, the spiritual aspect of the game, culture, and becoming one with Thai boxing. But

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