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small hands

Top 3 Muay Thai Sparring Gloves for Small Hands

Is it becoming a challenge for you to buy the best sparring gloves for small hands? Are you looking for some kind of buying help? I know how you feel facing hundreds of brands in front of you and having to choose one out of many available. If you have

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muay thai shorts

Best Muay Thai Shorts For Beginners

Like any other combat sport, certain clothing types are used during training or competition to perform efficiently. However, in Muay Thai, these shorts are not just any clothing item but also signify a part of the tradition. Since you know that Muay Thai is a traditional sport, you will need

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muay thai shorts

Which Muay Thai Shorts Brands do Pro Fighters Wear

If you’ve signed up for Muay Thai combat sports, you’ve made a great decision! That’s incredible and a fantastic journey you’re in for! So, you need to go to gather your gear and equipment. A pair of Muay Thai shorts are an essential part of your kit, so you need

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belly pad

Muay Thai Belly Pad | I Found the Best!

The belly pad is one of the most unappreciated Muay Thai training gear available. The pad holders see it more necessary to make use of the Thai pad than the belly pad. This isn’t meant to be the case. The belly pad should be an essential piece of equipment for

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