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first class

What Should I Expect At My First Muay Thai Class?

Even if you’ve been an athlete for your whole life, your first Muay Thai class will be a new, unique experience. I was super nervous while I was heading to my training session for the first time. Despite my previous experience, I was aware of the difference between strikes and

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belts and ranking

Muay Thai Belts and Ranking System (Rank & Grade Guide)

The words “black belt” almost always conjures images of a martial artist, one who’s reached an undeniable level of proficiency in their art through years of toil, hard work, and discipline. Thanks to the martial arts impact on film, television, and pop culture, even those who’ve never personally studied any

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11 Best Muay Thai Techniques for Beginners

Ah, the beginning is so hard! But you decided to start. Your Muay Thai voyage kicks off, everything changes. Now I know that you dream of becoming Buakaw Banchamek overnight, but even the greatest fighters begin with Muay Thai techniques for beginners. You can be the most promising talent in

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hand wraps

Do You Need Hand Wraps For Muay Thai?

Will I need hand wraps for Muay Thai? Yay or Nay? That’s the big question among beginners in combat sports. Guess what! I’ve got the answer and it is YES! Definitely! You will need a hand wrap if you want to have a worthwhile experience in Muay Thai. This boxing

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Can You Learn Muay Thai at Home From Videos & Youtube?

Learning any skill, particularly a combat art, can be a daunting task, but don´t you worry: if you’re looking to learn Muay Thai at home, you’ve come to the right place! As a former hand-to-hand combative instructor to paratroopers in the US Army, I understand better than most the importance

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How Many Days a Week Should I Train Muay Thai?

So, you are training in Muay Thai, but you’re wondering how often you should be in the gym? Practice makes perfect, right? It is important to keep training consistent enough that you start to see results like an improvement in your form, speed, and fighting techniques. I am going to

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muay thai ropes

Why Do Muay Thai Fighters Wear Ropes On Their Hands?

Today, when you hear the word Muay Thai, you’ll probably think of martial art with specific sets of rules and regulations. But gloves exist for roughly the last 100 years, while Thai boxing is considered an ancient Siamese martial art. If you’re a fan of comic superheroes, then I guess

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