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Can Muay Thai Help Lose Weight? 5 Secrets

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Muay Thai is one of the most difficult martial arts in the world. Training sessions are intense, and Thai dojos are pushing you to the limits, even when you’re a beginner. You simply can’t slow down when twenty people around you work as hard as they can, can you? Thai boxing is HIIT (high-intense interval […]

How To Clean Muay Thai Shin Guards: 5 Tips For Beginners

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Shin guards are one of the most important parts of Muay Thai equipment, especially for people who plan to take part in the competition. Sparring sessions are very often, and shin-to-shin collisions might lead to heavy injuries that might keep you sidelined for months. But, unfortunately, you can’t avoid the inevitable – your shin guards […]

How To Clean Muay Thai Gloves: 10 Tips For Beginners

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In Muay Thai, hand protection during violent heavy bag or mitt sessions is vital. If you hurt your knuckles, it might stop your progress and keep you away from training. On the other side, good knuckle protection lengthens your fighting career. Training every single day is hard, you sweat and you’ll have to learn how […]

How To Quickly Improve Your Kicking Speed For Muay Thai: 5 Steps

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Muay Thai is known for very hard, fight-ending kicks. A Thai boxer’s shin is like a baseball bat. It can hurt badly. But how many times have you seen a very fast Muay Thai fighter? Kicking speed for Muay Thai makes the difference between an average fighter and an elite, championship-level ring warrior. I will […]

How Effective Is Muay Thai For Self Defense? 8 Questions Answered

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I have never been an aggressive person but there are situations when you must react. If you stay away from people who tend to cure their frustrations on you, their toxicity will affect you mentally. You’ll turn into a very insecure person, which might lead to dangerous consequences in the later stages of your life. […]

The In-Depth Guide To Muay Thai Tattoos: Sak Yant

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Every sport is known for its trademarks. Diehard Thai boxing fans can recognize Muay Thai tattoos everywhere in the world. These mystical symbols on the fighter’s skin serve to protect him from negative energies and injuries during the battle. You’ve probably heard of the term “Sak Yant” many times, which refers to Thai boxing tattoos. […]

The 10 Best Muay Thai Fighters Every Fan Should Know

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Many amazing Muay Thai warriors took part in 200+ matches and left their hearts inside the ring. Some of them are legends, others are remembered as “average joes”, but all of them deserve a huge level of respect for their achievements. It’s hard to become a champ, but the difference between the belt owner and […]

A Guide To Muay Thai For Kids: Everything You Need To Know

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The new era of martial arts has arrived. Roughly one decade ago, very few people knew about ONE FC, Rizin, Glory, Enfusion… Some fans are parents too, and they tend to push their children into the world of martial arts. Muay Thai for kids sounds like a great choice. Your child will learn to strike […]

The 5 Best Muay Thai Movies You Must Watch

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Do you need something to binge on? Do you love Muay Thai? Do you enjoy watching movies? Then, here’s a list of the best Muay Thai movies you NEED to watch and binge on! Watching movies is an excellent way to escape reality. Filled with a burst of heart racing, laughter, excitement, you wouldn’t know […]

The 5 Best Muay Thai Books You Must Read

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I love reading books! I think it exposes the world of a subject in a whole different light. In the ancient sports of the art of the eight limbs, there are other means which you could get to appreciate and learn apart from watching television or training physically. Reading books is a proper alternative medium. […]