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The 5 Best Muay Thai Podcast You Must Listen To

muay thai podcast
best muay thai podcast

At an early age, Thai boxing was pretty much unknown in the western world. Nowadays, we live in the era of the modern internet, where everybody can make a YouTube, Twitch, or Spotify channel and share his thoughts with the audience.

As a huge fan of ancient Siamese martial art, I believe that the Muay Thai podcast is an important part of culture, tradition, and lifestyle. In Thailand, fighting is related to ancient tradition, and a real fighter cannot act like a street thug. You must respect everything and everybody, as that’s the only way to grow spiritually.

Here is the list of top 5 Muay Thai podcasts that I’d recommend to any diehard Thai boxing fan. Please read on and get to know them.

The Muay Thai Podcast

the muay thai podcast

The Muay Thai Podcast is led by the famous coach Jeff from Australia, the former boxer and kickboxer who took part in 108 fights and competed in the majority of other sports disciplines. He is an example of a guy who dedicated his whole life to sports and is one of the most influential people on the planet in the area of Muay Thai.

I listened to many podcasts and they are usually based around two or three topics, but coach Jeff is known for a very wide spectrum of interests.

You can listen to the episodes about fighters, strength and conditioning, the technical aspects of the game, the classic era of Muay Thai, and a lot more. This coach releases one episode per week, and the average episode length is 19 minutes.

I am also impressed with coach Jeff’s will to fight until the last dying breath and promote the cultural and traditional values of the ancient Siamese martial art. The majority of podcasters focus on the fighting side of Muay Thai, but Jeff is way different than that. Listen to his episodes and you’ll see.

Heatrick Heavy Hitters Podcast / Muay Thai Performance

heavy hitters

Heatrick Heavy Hitters Podcast is led by Don Heatrick from the United Kingdom, a very busy family man, and a former European Muay Thai silver medallist. Nowadays, he works as a Muay Thai coach and he’s very well introduced to every single aspect of the game – counters, striking, nutrition, strength, and conditioning…

It is never easy to bridge the gap between performance science, strength & conditioning, and Muay Thai. Don Heatrick is worldwide known for an extraordinary Muay Thai podcast and for motivating Muay Thai fighters to discover how far they can go.

He mostly releases one episode per month, which lasts 7 minutes on average. You’ll find tons of interesting topics, from women in Muay Thai to maximum heart rate in the fight and the darkest secrets of the technical aspect of the game.

Don’s knowledge of the ancient Siamese martial art is on a whole new level. It’s available on Youtube, Apple, and Spotify.

rebellion podcast

Rebellion Muay Thai Podcast

Rebellion Muay Thai podcast is led by Sy Naji, and it is mostly based around the Australian and international Muay Thai market.

Unlike the first two, the Rebellion podcast offers a very different structure. Everything is based on the conversation with the famous names (fighters and coaches) from the Muay Thai scene. You can listen to the most entertaining moments of their lives, sports competitions, but you can hear lovely pieces of training advice too. You can listen to one new episode per week.

The most famous guests were Matt Lucas, Mark “Hammer” Castagnini, Darren Reece, Nugget McNaught, Angie Parr, John Bowman, Keith Grant… Rebellion releases one episode per week on average.

Pu’u Muay Thai Podcast

pu podcast

Pu’u Muay Thai Podcast is based around all areas of Thai boxing – interviews with coaches and fighters, diet, traveling and visiting various dojos, technical aspects of the game, practice routines, competitors…

You can listen to the podcast on literally every single outlet, which makes it one of the easiest-to-enjoy podcasts in the market. The website is stacked with high-quality Muay Thai content, from fights to the deepest secrets of fighters’ private lives, nutrition, and training.

If you’re a diehard fan of ancient Siamese martial art, I’d recommend this podcast. You’ll learn a lot of new things, I bet you’ve never heard of some of them. And one more thing – I love these episodes because there’s a lot of discussion about ONE FC events, where elite Muay Thai fighters showcase their skills. Two new episodes are released each week, the average length is 37 minutes.

The Striking Podcast

striking podcast

The Striking podcast offers a different approach to ancient Siamese martial art because it is focused on the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of Muay Thai warriors and kickboxers. Real-life stories might help you understand the price of success.

The majority of “The Striking Podcast” fighters came to the big cities without money and they were fighting very hard to achieve good results. The statement “after rain comes Sun” could be the trademark of these episodes.

You can listen to the interviews with big names like Jessica Ng, Kennedy-Reilly Maze, Jackie Buntan, Kieran Keddle, and many others. This podcast is stacked with successful names and enthusiasts focused on the growth of “the art of 8 limbs”. Its former name was “Muay Thai Is Life”.

It is led by two men who dedicated their whole lives to Muay Thai – Eric Rivera, the owner of Florida Sanshou & Muay Thai (FSMT), and Vinny Scotto, Eric’s former training partner, now the head coach of the Staten Island Muay Thai in Staten Island, New York. Interestingly, both guys started training for fun, but then fell in love with Muay Thai and kickboxing.


I’ve been a diehard Muay Thai for a long time, but I’ve realized that listening to podcasts can help you grow, both technically and spiritually. Even diehard sports fans can learn something new. As well as you know, the real fighter never stops growing and always tries to get better.

Which is your favorite Muay Thai podcast and why? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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Hi, I started training Muay Thai back in 2016 and fell in love with it. So I decided to create this blog in the pursuit of this passion and share my experience with you.

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